Finding Meaning in Suffering, Why Organized Religion is Failing Us, Ethical Wills and Testaments with Rabbi Steve Leder.

**Editor's note: The audio in the last 3 or so minutes of the interview was a bit choppy due to an inconsistent internet connection. We encourage you to pay close attention as important information regarding how to connect with Rabbi Steve is shared!

On this podcast I have the privilege to have deep conversations with people who each in their own way elevate the human experience. One particular topic I often come across is the profound desire we humans have to lead a meaningful life. My guest today is Rabbi Steve Leder and much of his life's work centers around this issue. Steve Leder is the Senior Rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles. He has been a rabbi for 35 years during which he has written more than 1000 eulogies and he says that death is not only the great teacher, it is the only teacher.

The question of how to live a more meaningful life has been a central focus of Rabbi Leder's critically acclaimed books. Amongst them the bestsellers:

Rabbi Leder is a graduate of Northwestern University, studied at Trinity College Oxford and was ordained at Hebrew Union College. He is the winner of numerous awards for his interdenominational and cross-cultural dialogue and his compassion and wisdom are a source of healing in our times.

Newsweek Magazine twice named Steve Leder one of the ten most influential rabbis in America and he is a leading voice in reconnecting us with the humanity inside ourselves and within others.

In this episode with Rabbi Leder, you'll discover:

-If you need to go through hell, don't come out of it empty-handed...04:05

-"We are not completely whole until we're completely broken"...06:30

-The objectification of "the other" leads to evil...11:35

-Balancing "spectators guilt" in light of profound evil in the world...18:25

-Why people are fleeing organized religion in droves...26:12

-"Don't just do something, stand there"...35:09

-The thing people most regret on their deathbed...40:40

-The 12 questions to ask to reevaluate our life...44:55

-Rabbi Leder's best personal practice...49:02

Resources mentioned:

The Beauty of What Remains: How Our Greatest Fear Becomes Our Greatest Gift

For You When I am Gone: Twelve Essential Questions to Tell a Life Story

More Beautiful Than Before: How Suffering Transforms Us

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