The “Sacred Masculine”, (true) Viking History, Norse Mythology, Evolution of Human Consciousness and More with Kaedrich Olsen.

Welcome back Superhumans, what a delight to be with you. I hope that you will find this episode as fascinating as I did, as we will be diving deeply into all things Vikings, Norse traditions, runes and magik.

In the last years Vikings and their culture have become a focal point of the entertainment industry and if you are like me, you have watched all the shows and movies, many of them claiming to give an accurate depiction of Viking life and culture.

My guest today is someone who actually has a deep knowledge of Vikings, far beyond the scope of pop culture. Kaedrich Olsen is an author, speaker and teacher, who specializes in Norse Mysticism and alternate paths of spiritual growth. He has studied Old Norse literature and spirituality with a focus on runes and magikal practices.

Kaedrich is the author of Runes for Transformation: Using Ancient Symbols to Change Your Life. And the secrets he uncovered at the heart of Norse mysticism precisely tie in with contemporary understandings of our psyche and behavior.

Our essence, our soul, if you so wish to call it, is deeply interwoven with the energies, spirits and magik all around us. What if we could tap into our magik and influence the reality around us and in this way better ourselves and the world? Kaedrich will share with us what he has learned about the nature of reality, consciousness, different types of entities and how to encounter them, as well as how to set up for ritual and flow with the magik that is within everything.

In this episode with Kaedrich Olsen, you'll discover:

-What is a Viking and what does pop culture get wrong in its depiction of them?...03:30

-What did Vikings believe about the nature of the Universe?...08:50

-How Kaedrich got involved with studying Norse culture, and his view of the nature of reality...13:42

-How conscious and subconscious of the collective differs from that of the individual...21:55

-Embracing cognitive dissonance to make sense of the world around us...26:46

-Mysticism, spirituality and religion compared and contrasted...29:01

-Kaedrich's definition of the word and concept of "magic"...33:40

-Science that backs up spirituality, magic, etc...37:15

-Practicing to get out of the fear/negativity loop...43:12

-"Shadows" defined, and how they pertain to our quality of life...46:11

-What is "the sacred masculine"?...52:22

-First steps to connecting with spiritual beings...55:09

-The thought forms we know as "entities"...59:23

-An experience with an entity Kaedrich created...1:06:51

-How human consciousness has changed in the last 100 years, and where it's going now...1:10:50

-Kaedrich's best personal practice...1:14:30

Resources mentioned:

Runes for Transformation: Using Ancient Symbols to Change Your Life

Kaedrich's website

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