Unlock Your Inner Champion: Shayamal Vallabhjee on Optimizing Mental, Physical and Emotional Performance, Creating Genius Habits, Tapping Into Intuition and Much More!

How can we unlock the champion in ourselves? How can we optimize human performance mentally, emotionally, and physically? This is the quest of all peak performers. And my guest today is not only a peak performer himself, but is a sought after expert in self-transformation and personal mastery, Shayamal Vallabhjee is a South African sports scientist and performance coach.

He's the author of five books on sports science and motivation, a TEDx speaker and Men's Health Trainer Of The Year. He has two decades of on field experience with olympians and championship winning teams, works with athletes and executives to unlock their potential mentally, physically, and emotionally.

He has also spent three years of his life as a monk and in his new book ''Breathe, Believe, Balance'' he shares his combined knowledge and experience from the world of science, spirituality and psychology. His dream is to touch the lives of a million children by making sports an equal opportunity platform, devoid of politics, religion, race, gender, or social economic basis.

In my conversation with Shayamal you'll hear...

03:21 Becoming a sports scientist, psychologist and high performance coach in apartheid-era South Africa

06:26 The unseen effects of discrimination

08:00 Studying ancestral wisdom

10:35 ''We can't trust the sources of supplementation we are getting''

12:11 Lessons learned from a monastic life and the bedrock of learning

22:52 Daily routine including fasting, breath work and meditation

27:00 By observing nature we gain wisdom

28:03 ESP and ''The Secret Life of Trees''

30:22 Using the five natural elements as supplements

33:33 Breath work for different energy types. It's not a ''one size fits all'' prescription and why you should never eat when you're angry

36:25 Rice, wheat and corn are behind most of our illnesses

39:20 A new theory around flow states

44:30 Helping peak performers who fear listening to intuition and how to measure it

50:30 Shayamal's practices

Resources mentioned:

Breathe, Believe, Balance by Shayamal Vallabhjee

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