Renegade Beauty: Nadine Artemis on Rebalancing the Skin Microbiome with Sunlight, Clear Gut means Clear Skin, Dental Microbiome and Cognitive Health, Celebrating Our Pheromones and Much More!

Today, I'm speaking with a visionary in the fields of holistic beauty and wellness. Nadine Artemis is an aromacologist, and has been a green beauty botanical formulator for over 25 years. She has pioneered the Beyond Organic luxury skincare, and wellness brand Living Libations, a company that provides the highest integrity botanical products for outer end, inner beauty and balance. Her line of essential oil serums and elixirs has culled a following around the globe.

Full disclosure. I am one of the biggest fans, and the wonderful thing about Living Libations is it's a company that is a women-led operation. It's celebrated for its forward thinking culture and philosophy, including a de-centralized and self-organizing management method, as well as an established record of embracing fair trade and ethical farming and harvesting practices.

Nadine is also a speaker educator and the author of the books, Holistic Dental Care, as well as the book, Renegade Beauty. The concept of Renegade Beauty focuses on an ethical alternative to costly cosmetics, problematic pharmaceuticals and environment eroding chemicals.

Nadine's mission is to inspire people to rethink conventional notions of beauty and wellness. And she is someone whose knowledge and products have uplifted my life over the last year.

In my conversation with Nadine, you'll learn:

-The importance of pheromones in armpit care...03:30

  • Poetic Hip deodorant
  • Pheromone communication system

-Damaging affects of conventional skin care products...10:20

  • Work with the body's microbiome
  • Gut microbiome
  • Mouth microbiome
  • Skin microbiome
  • Modern skin care disrupts and mutates the human ecosystem
  • Good bacteria on skin = natural beautician

-Nadine's suggested skin care routine...14:45

  • Clean water source
  • Wash with oil
  • Best Skin Ever
  • Dewdab products
  • True organic virgin olive oil, jojoba oil or organic virgin coconut oil
  • Organic hemp cloth
  • Clean water rinse
  • Best Skin Ever or Olive oil as moisturizer
  • Always include neck area too
  • Healthy diet
  • Nature and sun exposure

-How long it takes to detoxify and rebalance the skin...19:15

  • Typically 48 hours - 30 days
  • Significant cystic acne relief
  • 96% of the time, no detox phase
  • 4-5% of the time, 1-2 week detox phase

-Best DIY skin detox methods...22:30

  • Turning on your protective genes
  • Natural extracts = botanical antibiotics
  • Active ingredients
  • Sun exposure
  • Classic Dewdab
  • Jewel Dewdab

-Importance of sun exposure to overall health and resilience...26:20

  • Concerns with Melasma
  • Oxybenzine in chemical sunscreen is not carcinogenic until its exposed to sunlight
  • 1920s - heliotherapy to cure variety of diseases
  • Sun exposure health benefits
  • Reduces breast cancer risk by 50% with a body that is sufficient in vitamin D, alone
  • 80-90% of adults are vitamin D deficient

-Water soluble vs. fat soluble vitamin D products...32:35

  • Chemical reactions
  • Issues with sunscreen = blocks UVB rays
  • Roles of UVB and UVA rays
  • Direct correlation between vitamin D levels and severity of COVID-19 illness
  • dminder app
  • Melanin based sunscreen system - again, working with the body

-Connection between skin health and gut...38:20

  • Blackheads could be from constipation
  • Acne around chin could be an issue with digestion and liver function
  • Daily probiotic enzymes
  • Clear gut = clear skin
  • What is our skin trying to communicate to us?

-The important role of the dental microbiome...40:05

  • Living libations dental hygiene product line
  • Connection between dental microbiome and cognitive health
  • Keys for healthy dental microbiome:
  • 8 step mouth care on Nadine's website
  • Baking soda and apple cider vinegar vs. commercial products
  • Dental microbiome affects our gut and our brain

-Nadine's best practices...43:55

Resources mentioned:

Living Libations website

Nadine's books

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