Dr. Don Wood On How To Re-Program Your Brain To Stop Trauma Loops, Emotional Concussions And Increasing Performance

Many of us deal with unresolved trauma or disturbing experiences from our past and we try to cope with it the best we can. There is a broad spectrum of trauma that affects us and influences our lives in countless ways.

According to my guest today, it is possible to eliminate traumatic responses instead of just coping with them. Dr. Don Wood is the founder of the Inspired Performance Institute and the author of You Must Be Out Of Your Mind: We All Need A Reboot and his newest book, Emotional Concussions.

Dr. Wood is an expert on emotional trauma and during his years of research, he coined the term, "emotional concussions," which are events and experiences in life that may have had a profound effect on our current behavior and habits.

Dr. Wood discovered that traumatic subconscious blocks, PTSD-like symptoms, as well as health issues related to an overactive sympathetic nervous system can be eliminated and rebooted with a simple and non-invasive program. The same neuroscience based program also helps his patients overcome impediments with regards to their progress in business, relationship issues and athletic performance.

As Dr. Wood says, "Nothing is wrong with you, you might simply just need a reboot."

In this episode, you'll discover...

-Dr. Don's reasoning for not calling his program 'trauma therapy'...02:30

-Emotional concussions: What they are and what specific signs to be aware of...03:20

-How to identify WHY we procrastinate...06:30

-How society programs us to manage our emotional concussions rather than FIX them...11:05

-The breakdown of Dr. Don's 4 hour program and why it is so powerful...13:10

-Why it's not important to share your traumatic experience during the program...19:25

-Our brains and bodies are self-healing, so why do we need help to heal our traumas?3:35...21:20

-The three things we actually need to heal our trauma...23:34

  • "I never told you I had a fear of heights, but now it's gone"

-The success rate of Dr. Don's program and who it can help...26:00

-The constant lion loop: What it is and how it can affect physical health for your entire life...27:15

-Our two memory systems and how they work...30:10

-The one-and-done program that helps you stop constant re-looping of trauma...33:55

-How emotional concussions are linked to performance...35:50

-Getting to the root of trauma, even if someone is unaware of stored trauma...40:15

-Dr. Don's practices...45:45


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