Darshana Avila on Erotic Wholeness, Eco-Sexuality, Cultural Scripts for Sexuality, Invitations for Deeper Intimacy

Wholeness and feeling at home in our bodies and in resonance with our deepest Self in order to experience pleasure in all aspects of our lives is something we crave deeply. In today’s episode I speak with someone who has dedicated her life to helping us achieve just that.

Darshana Avila is nurturing a culture of Erotic Wholeness. As an internationally recognized speaker, coach and facilitator, Darshana supports women and couples in exploring and reshaping their relationships to intimacy, sex and eroticism. She created the Map of Erotic Wholeness as a path to personal liberation in service to our collective sexual liberation.

In October 2021, she was featured on the Netflix Series: Sex, Love & Goop.

Darshana believes “we are erotic by nature,” and is dedicated to helping people feel truly at home in their bodies, at ease with their sexuality and in alignment with their hearts. Her unique style of somatic sex and intimacy coaching weaves together a trauma-informed, nature-based, justice-oriented approach, inviting more presence, pleasure and passion into the lives and relationships of those she guides.

In this episode, you will discover:

-What erotic wholeness is...03:15

-What eco-sexuality is...05:20

-Practical steps to reconnect with the natural world...09:45

-Making out with flowers: refining our senses & expanding the scope of possibility...15:55

-Culturally sanctioned scripts that limit our sexuality...18:35

-Learn where the disconnect from pleasure stems from...21:30

-We live in bodies that were made to sense...24:05

-Erotic wholeness impacts every part of a life...31:05

-Learn what a session with Darshana is like...34:15

-Learn how partners can learn to have fruitful conversations about sex...39:30

-Advice for those in sexless or unsatisfying sexual relationships...43:40

-Darshana's modalities and bodies of thought that have shaped her...46:10


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